How did you get here?

I think its time for another top 10 funniest ways people found my website this week post.  So here goes, in no particular order.

  •  Clare in Cambodia

This is actually the most common way that people find my site. I have to assume that this one is actually looking for my site and for me.  Still, I think its funny that it got searched 7 times this week alone.

  •   cambodia slavery map

Sadly, I do not have a slavery map… maybe I should make one.  Hmm. In school we studied doing mapping projects for social problems—in fact I went to a conference on it—maybe this is a good idea.

  •   side effects for maca

Maca is a good friend of mine in Chile, her photo blog is on the side bar.  As far as I know, she has no direct side effects.  Perhaps laughter could be one?

  •   “force children to go to church”

I am sure this got them to my post on religious NGOs and development.  Probably not what they were looking for.  Do you think they wanted a how to list?

  • what is the weather like climate

My only response to this searcher is “where?”  Do you have a specific context in mind when searching for weather like climate? Also, what is the weather like if it is not like a climate?

  •   japanese woman breastfeeding puppy

Ew! Is this what the internet has come to? Also, for the record, there is no reference to this in my blog.

  •   causes of heart break

Politics are a constant reason for heartbreak for me… although, again, I think my post probably disappointed the individual searcher.

  •   step by step eat durian

I did not have a step by step process for eating durian; however, I did provide the reader for alternative uses if they do not like the taste.

  •   crazy things to do in Cambodia

Hmm. Again, lacking. Perhaps the blog will inspire them to eat durian or take a cooking class.

  •   “grilled”+”babies”+”photo”+”taiwan”

Finally, I don’t know what to make of this.  I am hoping by the word “babies” they don’t mean grilling actual children in Taiwan while taking photos. Somehow, I doubt that practice is widespread.


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