2nd kiss-a-thon against discrimination

Gay y lesbianas protestan en Chile contra la discriminación en el Día de los Enamorados, originally uploaded by MUmS – Movimiento Unificado de Minorías Sexuales.

I didn’t grow up in the right generation in the United States: apathy does not suit me well. Not saying that all in my generation are apathetic, I mean, there are my friends. But, as general sweeping generalizations go, this one is not far enough off the mark. That and the fact that I think I would have been a good hippie.

I like protests. I especially like well planned ones. Original ones. Ones that make a statement. Ones that are non-violent. Ones that are provocative. The kiss-a-thon (in Spanish Besaton) last year in Chile is among my favorites.

What you are seeing in the picture is the Moneda, the presidential palace of Chile. It is located at the heart of downtown Santiago. The people in front are protesting for equal rights for all LGBT individuals, a law that grants these rights, and a law with a clause that punishes hate crimes as such.

I love the poetry involved in a kiss being a form of protest.

The second national Besaton will be held June 30th, 2007 at 4:00pm in front of la Moneda. If you are in Chile, sign up and attend.


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