2nd list of 10: What I need to do before I leave Cambodia for good on Wednesday

As I started my 101 entry, I thought I should do something fun. Inspired by Polly, I have decided to make 10 lists of 10; here is number 2.

  1. Work stuff: clean off desk, uninstall programs from computer, reinstall programs on computer, say good-bye.
  2. Project stuff: get a final copy of the book (about 178 pages), set aside 6 hours to edit it on Tuesday.
  3. Money stuff: close out bank account, pay lady at market that I owe 10 dollars, pay tailor who made me 2 dresses and a suit.
  4. Housing stuff: pay landlady, hand in key, move out (Tuesday night to my friend’s place for my final night).
  5. Transport stuff: find way to airport in Phnom Penh, figure out what I am doing, where I am going, and how I am getting there once I arrive in St. Louis.
  6. Stuff stuff: get odds and ends I am leaving here (my gas stove, etc.) to my friend Samnang who is extremely ill with malaria and completely bedridden.
  7. Shopping stuff: I need a case for my DVDs and possibly a new CD or two. And a pair of pants for Diane for her birthday because she came back from Guatemala 6 years ago with big purple pants for me.
  8. Friend stuff: See friends. Get photos from friends.  Give photos to friends.
  9. More stuff: Pack and somehow make everything fit! Sleep if at all possible.
  10.  Final stuff: Leave!

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