3rd post of 10: Favorite Cambodian memories

As I started my 101 entry, I thought I should do something fun. Inspired by Polly, I have decided to make 10 lists of 10; here is number 3.

  1. That moment as the plane is descending everywhere I look there are puddles and ponds and water– often filled with rice or lily paddies. The contrast of the red earth and the green vegetation.
  2. The rain. Everything about it. The sound, the way it cleans the air, the flash flooding (including walking home knee or waist deep in rain water), the sheer force the water has– it has not ceased to amaze me.
  3. Angkor Wat- I know its cliche, but it was very impressive. Especially in the rain and out at the further away temples.
  4. Two Dolphins, little cabanas in Sihanokville right on the Gulf of Thailand with the best fresh seafood around. We managed to convey that it was Lydia’s birthday. The bought a cake (and silly string) and we surprised her.
  5. Massages after a long day work. My favorite place was Aziadee Tea
  6. Elsewhere parties– the first one with the Germans, the one where I met Steph, Justin, Cecile and crew (and spent the night trying to remember sign language), and this last one where we never went home and I got pulled into the pool.
  7. L-Word Wednesday night with the girls!!!
  8. Seeing boats in the middle of fields without water in site and knowing that in a few months, when the rains came, they would be afloat.
  9. The sound of dragon dancers coming (as long as it was not before 8am).
  10. Perusing the venders outside the Royal Palace at night. They sold such a huge array of large insects (spiders, cockroaches, grasshoppers, leaches, bees, etc.), fried insects, stuffed insects, and small birds.

How did you get here?

I think its time for another top 10 funniest ways people found my website this week post.  So here goes, in no particular order.

  •  Clare in Cambodia

This is actually the most common way that people find my site. I have to assume that this one is actually looking for my site and for me.  Still, I think its funny that it got searched 7 times this week alone.

  •   cambodia slavery map

Sadly, I do not have a slavery map… maybe I should make one.  Hmm. In school we studied doing mapping projects for social problems—in fact I went to a conference on it—maybe this is a good idea.

  •   side effects for maca

Maca is a good friend of mine in Chile, her photo blog is on the side bar.  As far as I know, she has no direct side effects.  Perhaps laughter could be one?

  •   “force children to go to church”

I am sure this got them to my post on religious NGOs and development.  Probably not what they were looking for.  Do you think they wanted a how to list?

  • what is the weather like climate

My only response to this searcher is “where?”  Do you have a specific context in mind when searching for weather like climate? Also, what is the weather like if it is not like a climate?

  •   japanese woman breastfeeding puppy

Ew! Is this what the internet has come to? Also, for the record, there is no reference to this in my blog.

  •   causes of heart break

Politics are a constant reason for heartbreak for me… although, again, I think my post probably disappointed the individual searcher.

  •   step by step eat durian

I did not have a step by step process for eating durian; however, I did provide the reader for alternative uses if they do not like the taste.

  •   crazy things to do in Cambodia

Hmm. Again, lacking. Perhaps the blog will inspire them to eat durian or take a cooking class.

  •   “grilled”+”babies”+”photo”+”taiwan”

Finally, I don’t know what to make of this.  I am hoping by the word “babies” they don’t mean grilling actual children in Taiwan while taking photos. Somehow, I doubt that practice is widespread.


The RapeX: The Anti-Rape Condom

I have to admit that this post has nothing to do with human trafficking…. It is, however, an interesting response to sexual violence against women.  Basically, it can be worn by a woman for up to 24 hours and if anyone tries to rape her (or have sexual intercourse before it is removed) will feel the razors hooks which line the inside of the device.

I don’t have a complete or coherent response to the possibility of the device yet– but I did want to share it with others.

Happy Birthday Cake

Happy Birthday Cake, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

I realize that I have not posted about my birthday weekend, but I promise to do so soon. I had a great time in Battambong with my friend (and tutor) Samnang at a traditional pre-Khmer New Year party in honor of her elderly parents. For now, I will leave you with these two photos.

Picture from Battambong Party

Khmer New Year is this weekend, so the country basically stops for a week. Therefore, I am on vacation and tomorrow after work I am off to Japan for 9 days! More photos and stories to come.

Air conditioning

The sun is setting on this lovely, but hot, Cambodian day.  It is 97 degrees out still… I could be wrong, but this may be the moment for me to break down and put on the air conditioning at home.  Up until now I have survived on multiple showers and a fan, but the moment is coming (or has come) when I simply melt.  April is supposed to be the hottest month (or perhaps May).  Thankfully, in a couple weeks I go to Japan.  Is it this hot in Kumamoto?

Go Hoyas

I bleed HOYA BLUE!


Go Hoyas!


Final four!!!!!

*** Final four game on Sat. Georgetown Hoyas vs. Ohio State! This is being posted early as internet access is limited at times***

Silly science question

At work we have a refrigerator where we keep large bottles of water so that people can get a drink at anytime and not become completely dehydrated. We actually keep the water in the freezer part—but it is not cold enough to freeze the water.  Twice, in the couple months I have been here, something very odd has happened as I went to pour myself a glass.  The water was liquid in the bottle, no hint of ice at all, but as I poured it, as soon as it hit the glass, it turned to slush.  Extremely weird!—to the point that I feel like I am imagining it.  So, here is my question, how does this happen? Liquid in bottle—icy slush as soon as it hits the glass?  (One time the bottle had been full prior to this and one time it was half full). 

On another note, I think I need to just carry my camera with me to work at all times, so that if it happens again I can document it.

Notes for a visitor

I have debated having my site be a public site (as in searchable on engines or not).  Originally, it was.  But then, after one mean comment, I decided to make it not searchable; after all, I concluded, my target audience is friends and family.  However, after some thought, I decided to go public again.  Perhaps some of my thoughts on development or on trafficking will make other people re-think something.  Not that I ever expect to be a big, well-known blog; nor do I ever plan to have a huge following. Also, I decided that I can get nasty comments, not take them seriously, and delete if need be.  So, welcome world to my blog. 

That being said, there is one visitor (or perhaps type of visitor that I would like to address individually.  Whoever is finding my blog by searching the words “Cambodi0”, “br0thel”, and “children”: SHAME ON YOU! Move along.  I do not have what you want here.  Or better yet, stay here and read all the archived posts (you can skip recipes if you wish).  Perhaps some of the content will help you re-think your way of life, find a good psychologist, and start working out your issues.

March 10th

HarleyBday, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

This is a just a little post dedicated to my puppy back home. On March 10th she turned 4! That means that 4 years ago, she and 3 other puppies were born underneath a wood pile in a freezing cold yard in rural Moldova near the Nistru River. It would take weeks before they ventured out from beneath the wood pile, and a short 2 months before she would be run over by a tractor thus leading her to be my puppy and the most spoiled dog Moldova has ever known.

Right now she is very happy living with Meghan (and Khel) back home in Missouri. She is also, slowly, becoming friends with Finley (the cat in the background). For her birthday weekend, Harley took a little trip over to Svea and Kevin’s place. The post b-day weekend she is continuing to celebrate with Kelsey and Jenn, so that Meghan and Khel can take a bit of a rest.

As for me, I had a great time celebrating Harley’s b-day on the beach. 🙂 But I still miss my puppy.


Agustin, originally uploaded by coming2cambodia.

Although this is neither work nor Cambodia related, I wanted to say congratulations to Carla and her beautiful newborn son Agustin! Love you both, even if from afar.

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