Working on a Sunday

It’s a Sunday afternoon and I am working.  I was working from home, as opposed to spending yet another day in the office, but I decided to come to my friendly local art gallery/ Asian fusion restaurant owned by a very sweet Taiwanese man and his partner.  If you are ever in Phnom Penh, Two Fish is a great place to see new art and have a tasty, if slightly unconventional meal. The artwork being displayed changed last night, which is disappointing because I loved the abstract oil pieces of the last show.

My favorite part of the menu and the reason I came today, however, is the juices.  Some of my favorites include

· Melon (watermelon, lime juice, and fresh mint leaves—no sugar),

· Immune power vegetable (garlic, ginger, coriander, carrot & apple),

· Pineapple ginger ale (ginger root and pineapple),

· Spiced apple (apple juice, root ginger, cinnamon & a banana), and

· Lychee with mint.

Today I start with the Lychee with mint and move on to a new juice (well, new for me), Beet It Liver Cleanser (beetroot, celery, cucumber, and ginger). Although presumably healthy, it tastes a bit too much of celery and a bit to little of ginger for my taste buds. 

The sky was perfectly sunny with amazing fluffy white clouds as I walked over—still hot, although less so, but humid. The rainy season is on it way and I am waiting with barely contained anticipation. I had been sitting here working on my computer for about 20 minutes when I heard the “WOOSH” of the sky opening and the deafening “CLANG” of a dozen tin roofs being tap danced upon.  It does not simply rain here in Cambodia when water is falling from the sky.  In my Midwestern definition of rain, the rain drops must be distinguishable one from another.  Here it is a wall of water that assaults those in its path.  Truly a remarkable sight—and sound. Staccato, lightning displays and low rumbling thunder enter the picture and leave as if they were a small glitch in the mind. Oddly, it is the sound of the rain that I love most—this constant pitch, hum-drum, of rain walls on tin roofs that has almost drowned out the Corinne Bailey record playing in the background. This hum-drum that is somehow peaceful, soothing, lulling.